Blue Monday

Today was actually pretty nice for being a bit damp, it did let up a little, and we may see some snow tomorrow. My poor plants are dormant. And the xmas lights have finally come off the house. To say I have the January unemployment blues would be an understatement. Every day is a struggle… Continue reading Blue Monday

A little help…

Sunny and beautiful. Still considering my entire schedule today, and how productive I feel today. I am giving the gym a break after my grueling workout bones feel kinda joggly. I continue to look for work, and continue to receive emails telling me that they are not interested in pursuing me for the position.… Continue reading A little help…

Fellowship and service

No rain to start the day, but I looked out on to the garden and saw the piles of mulch, and knew it would be some time before I would enjoy the lovely colors of spring and summer again. It soon grew darker and began to rain, and I pulled the blinds. Right now, I… Continue reading Fellowship and service

Watchful Wednesday

Watching the news reports of the storm in the Caribbean and praying for friends and family that are in the path of potential destruction tonight. Today I received additional information regarding a hot lead on my job search that gives me hope that I may have located something that would be a good fit for… Continue reading Watchful Wednesday

Saturday’s choice

It's been more fall-like today. The leaves are more umber, the air crisper and I feel a bit more melancholy. I have to try and move my way through these feelings of sadness and anger. The weather and my lack of a job is not helping. I keep wondering if this is just how things… Continue reading Saturday’s choice

Tuesday’s Challenge

It is partly cloudy and a bit cool, fall is asserting itself a little more insistently and the leaves are beginning to go AWOL off the trees en masse. I don't feel ready for the seasons to turn again. But here we are, and pumpkin spice has wafted it's way into my house. Still no… Continue reading Tuesday’s Challenge

51st post

So, we have now passed the 50th post on this blog. I should be thrilled. But this honestly has been a pooper of a day. I have been applying non-stop at jobs that I am (mostly) qualified for, some I am over-qualified for and I have gone out on a total of 2 interviews in… Continue reading 51st post