Grace Now

So it’s been an interesting few … and I’ll leave it there. I’ve been spending time just doing life. Praying, reading, serving, working and living. And not writing. Not really. Every time I get the thought in my head that I need to pick up and jot a few thoughts down, I push the idea… Continue reading Grace Now

Revisiting Grace

I am not a psychologist, therapist or grief counselor. I have no professional training in these areas, save a few undergrad courses in psych and my time spent on the couch in various counseling offices as a patient. Add in my recovery time, and I feel as though I have a decent idea of what… Continue reading Revisiting Grace

Food for Thought

Driving around today while I did errands, much like I always do, I saw a number of people standing on different corners, with makeshift signs, looking for money or other types of resources. I tend to be a giver toward specific programs, unless God urges me to give to a specific person at that moment.… Continue reading Food for Thought

Yielding Self

Reading through some of my journals from a few years ago. Ouch and wow. Ouch, because it is painful to see how self-absorbed I was in my approach to recovery. My entries are rife with self-pity, self-doubt, just…self. I guess that is how a child operates, and when we first enter recovery, we are a… Continue reading Yielding Self

Don’t dare to compare

Happy end of the week, everyone!  Getting coffee this morning, it occurred to me that we all experience pivot points, or light bulb moments in our recovery journeys. One such came to mind as I enjoyed the first sip of warm java. Sitting in a meeting one night I was listening to others share and… Continue reading Don’t dare to compare

Rooting out Evil…

I am finally getting a little down-time. Just time away from everyday routines and demands. And don't get me wrong, I have a pretty good life, all things considered, in that I am not actively raising small people and there is no one solely dependent on me for survival. But almost everyone can relate to the… Continue reading Rooting out Evil…

Recovery and the Jellyfish

I have had a week. I'm sure many of you have had weeks where it seems like getting to the last work day of your week seemed like the greatest accomplishment of recent memory. This was one of those weeks. Thus, I have not written much, my sincerest apologies dear readers/fellow sojourners. I have actually… Continue reading Recovery and the Jellyfish

Milestones and Grace

It's been an interesting year. That is, we are coming up on the anniversary of my mother-in-law's passing. Thankfully, we have our recovery groups and another group that we attend specifically for grief and loss of a loved one. My mother in law was a very smart, and determined person. She had a quiet, but… Continue reading Milestones and Grace