Own it

So, the other night, I came home from a meeting and felt a little drained. No, to be completely honest, a bit more than drained. I felt downright frustrated. Some of the conversations I had with folks had left me feeling a bit weighed down. The struggle that brought me to the party of recovery … Continue reading Own it

A little time…

On vacation this week and getting some time to just be. This is as important as the times I spend actively pursuing recovery in journaling, meeting with folks, reading and listening to teachings on different subjects. Sometimes, just letting the presence of God descend into places that we don’t fully open up without the relaxing … Continue reading A little time…

Past the Hurt

This entry has rolled around in my mind for awhile now.  I have been struggling through a nasty cold for several days, so I had to let it rest on the back shelf, not wanting to write though a cold-medicine stupor. On this quiet Sunday morning, I feel reasonably well enough to cogitate and pull … Continue reading Past the Hurt

Island Time

Somedays, I wish I lived on a deserted island. One with power, water and plumbing, of course, and maybe a cook. Oh, and a nice spa down the road for those days I need a little pampering. Why all this wishing myself into a more solitary existence (except for my personal care retinue of course!)? … Continue reading Island Time