Up Early

This has been a busy week. Not only did I have to run out of town unexpectedly for a couple days, but my work piled up while I was out, and I have been scrambling to get back on top of it since returning to my desk. On top of that, I haven’t written in… Continue reading Up Early

Choice Opportunities

Cool but dry today, and I have a lovely unplanned day ahead of me. Oh, not that I can't quickly fill it with all sorts of tasks, but I am right now relishing its emptiness. And my espresso shot with a dash of fat-free half and half. As I woke up this morning, I wondered… Continue reading Choice Opportunities

Opinion obssession…

Cold, snowy, rainy and gucky in general. But I jumped into my gym clothes and headed out. Got tons of stuff done, feeling quite accomplished for the day, though there is still plenty to get going on for tomorrow. Codependency and recovery from it is a tricky situation. Unlike our chemically dependent brethren, we cannot… Continue reading Opinion obssession…

Willing faithfulness

It was so warm today. Unseasonably so. But, again, I am not complaining, because it means our heating bill stays low, and I don't have to wear gloves (yet). Right now, I am in the midst in my first online movie "binge", watching several episodes of a historically-based miniseries where the main character has lost… Continue reading Willing faithfulness

Weekend Warrior💟

Yesterday was a family day of sorts. I got to spend time with some of my favorite small people, and then see a movie with the spouse. Not much time for house chores, though I did pull together a healthy beef stew that was gluten free and enough to feed the crew, along with some… Continue reading Weekend Warrior💟

Healing isn’t Free

It's a quiet evening here at home. October is slowly rolling toward it's end, and the nights are a little cooler, the mornings a little mistier. I am working hard at not becoming a bit melancholy as I am known to do around this time of year. A couple years ago, I had the sad… Continue reading Healing isn’t Free

Sunday’s resolve

The sun is shining and someone hit a tree with their car near our house and took off, nearly killing the poor little fir. We hope it survives. Some days are just hard. You just come to a corner, and have to speak the truth, no matter how it sounds. And own the responsibility for… Continue reading Sunday’s resolve

Willingness and warmth

It has been mostly cloudy with some rain. Hardly any blooms left for me to bring in and put on my table to enjoy.  The sun does not shine on them long enough for them to really open properly, so my flowers stay closed up in tight little balls, waiting for enough warmth to open,… Continue reading Willingness and warmth

Monday’s choice…

It was a rainy and cold day. The rain was a bit sporadic. And I bounded out of bed with purpose, after having spent the night trying to figure out why I was so discontented. Usually, when we are discontented with something in our lives, it speaks to something that is wrong or discordant inside… Continue reading Monday’s choice…