Spilling It

Attended a meeting tonight. It was a usual Monday night, in that I typically attend a meeting for recovery from my issues that I struggle with, such as using food inappropriately, and a tendency to act out in a codependent manner. The message was a teaching on relapse and the importance of prayer and meditation… Continue reading Spilling It

The Call

In recovery we are taught to call for help. In prayer, on the phone, in person, just ask. If we feel that we are in a distressful situation, just call out. This morning, I woke up to thoughts and feelings of less-than. You know, the feeling that maybe it’s just best that you crawl back… Continue reading The Call

Plan for Pain

In talking about my character flaws, I will refer back to my fourth step as the place that I began to identify certain patterns of behavior that were more or less destructive, even though I didn’t go to jail or rehab for these actions. The funny thing (and not HA-HA funny, but hmmm, funny) about… Continue reading Plan for Pain

After the Fall

Weekends are days to either slouch about completely and ignore the outside world, or rush around and get everything done that has been neglected throughout the work week. Today was a "I need to get this done" sort of day, so I shucked off the jammies and sallied forth. A funny thing happened to me… Continue reading After the Fall

Forgiven injustice

It's a quiet evening, I'm listening to country music on the cable. No, not "young country", but the old-school stuff. It's good for writing. One of the larger steps I took in my recovery, which I continue to re-visit on a regular basis is the subject of forgiveness. That I cannot place sins on "the… Continue reading Forgiven injustice

Apathy unmasked…

So today was another sunny day. I am totally getting spoiled this year. We have really dodged the "gray bullet" that is, the endless days of 40's and drizzling that seem to be the signal that fall, winter and spring have arrived. Summer begins in mid-July and lasts about 2-4 weeks (ba-dum-pah). This is otherwise… Continue reading Apathy unmasked…

Inherent versus earned…

Sunny day, loving it...but I need to get to the meat of this entry. I am presently doing other things online, but this is now in the front of my cerebral cortex, so buckle up.  🙄 As we journey through recovery, we establish new relationships and (in some cases) build new "families". I am just… Continue reading Inherent versus earned…