Another Day

Mother’s Day. Everyone looks at this day through a slightly different lens. I had a strained relationship with my mother, as anyone who has followed this blog knows, for many reasons. I have walked through my recovery issues where they are concerned and feel as though we have come to a truce. What can still… Continue reading Another Day

Though I walk…

It’s been awhile since I have remarked upon the weather in my entries, but right now, it is especially pertinent. The smoke from the fires near and far has settled into the air near our home, and along with a humid heat, has made it difficult to breathe and stay comfortable. This momentary discomfort is… Continue reading Though I walk…

Dealin’ with the feelins 😏

Sunday morning. Had 2 grandsons over last night and all went relatively smoothly, considering they are still pretty small (3 and 6) and aren’t interested in much except watching superhero cartoons and talking about super hero cartoons. Their parents have since collected them, and I am waiting for my lunch to cool down. My thoughts… Continue reading Dealin’ with the feelins 😏

Digging deeper on the 4th

My life can tend to get a little hectic. Not because I am that busy, but because I am not the best at planning. I will end up with several hours of "open space” and try to pull in folks to do something, but everyone else seems to be more organized and planned-out that I… Continue reading Digging deeper on the 4th

The Social Contract of Recovery

I had a number of different topics rolling around in my head to write about. Our journey in recovery is like a new chapter is revealed every single day; it’s never the same old, same old, for certain! But something is standing out today, and that is our communal responsibility to others. When we take… Continue reading The Social Contract of Recovery

Catching the Act in the 4th

My family of origin was much like any other family. We had our good parts, crazy parts, parts no one discussed and all the rest. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out my environment, thinking if I could "get to the bottom of things", that I could make sense of it all… Continue reading Catching the Act in the 4th