Masking Lovliness

People tend to generalize where they live with respect to the weather. I live in a part of the country where it is known to be rainy and damp a lot of the time. San Francisco's weather is known for being foggy and changeable. Phoenix is pretty much just hot, and the south is humid.… Continue reading Masking Lovliness

Green Meadows

Took my afternoon fitness walk today, and my brain began its mull of some things that have been a bother of late. Sometimes, try as we may, close relationships will fall apart and it will leave us with painful questions. Because of all the upheaval in my young life, I did not sink deep roots… Continue reading Green Meadows

Plan for Pain

In talking about my character flaws, I will refer back to my fourth step as the place that I began to identify certain patterns of behavior that were more or less destructive, even though I didn’t go to jail or rehab for these actions. The funny thing (and not HA-HA funny, but hmmm, funny) about… Continue reading Plan for Pain

Not so Strange…😉

A no-work/no day-job-day for me, and my eyes sprang open at 5 am. The mind began to spin and it was over. No amount of “go back to sleep” visualizations were helping either. A lot of times, I can just start thinking of a sunny beach somewhere, and poof, back to sleep. Not this morning.… Continue reading Not so Strange…😉

Milestones and Grace

It's been an interesting year. That is, we are coming up on the anniversary of my mother-in-law's passing. Thankfully, we have our recovery groups and another group that we attend specifically for grief and loss of a loved one. My mother in law was a very smart, and determined person. She had a quiet, but… Continue reading Milestones and Grace

Give it Time

I decided that my little blog deserved some pre-spring cleaning. Some spiffing up and new pillow covers on the chaise, if you will.  I worked on some new visuals to make it easier for folks to navigate and read the entries as they have time. Because goodness knows, if there is anything we do not… Continue reading Give it Time

Cracking Denial

It's getting closer to spring, but still the weather forecast is calling for snow. Interesting, but I don't buy it. The little green sprigs amongst the dried twigs in my oregano bush don't either. Went to a splendid meeting tonight, and the teaching was on denial. Denial can be a tough nut to crack. It… Continue reading Cracking Denial

It’s Personal

Cool and cloudy, couldn't sleep in, and it's a weekend morning with time to spare. Still chilly enough, so I pulled on my thin wool long-sleeved shirt and headed downstairs to my laptop. When I use the word "recovery", I know that some folks are quick to see a word picture of someone kicking a… Continue reading It’s Personal

A little help…

Sunny and beautiful. Still considering my entire schedule today, and how productive I feel today. I am giving the gym a break after my grueling workout bones feel kinda joggly. I continue to look for work, and continue to receive emails telling me that they are not interested in pursuing me for the position.… Continue reading A little help…

Digging deeper on Saturday…

Well, the weather has been somewhat unremarkable. But that is not the reason I am a bit tardy on my latest entry. When it gets really dark, cold and rainy, I will have a tendancy toward curling up in a little ball and just...hibernating. I really don't feel productive, communicative or any other verb. So,… Continue reading Digging deeper on Saturday…