Barometric Pressure

It’s early. Really early.  And I am laying in bed, with a migraine headache. Again. Trying to think of what I did to cause the pain now demanding my full attention. God and I then start talking. “yeah, I know” I tell Him. “I ate crap yesterday as I felt sorry for myself instead of… Continue reading Barometric Pressure

The Power of Step 2

As I write, I am watching hummingbirds darting in and out of a flowering bush nearby. It is amazing to see their little wings go so very fast. I am really grateful for some time to be out and about. Continuing on with our step forward theme, let us consider step 2. The big book… Continue reading The Power of Step 2

No Secret Here…

Everybody, or, nearly everybody loves a good surprise. But to pull off a surprise like a party, or a gift or something special, one must plan and spend time being a little covert, like 007, and for a lot of us, that is pretty fun. But for others of us, it can get a little… Continue reading No Secret Here…

After the Fall

Weekends are days to either slouch about completely and ignore the outside world, or rush around and get everything done that has been neglected throughout the work week. Today was a "I need to get this done" sort of day, so I shucked off the jammies and sallied forth. A funny thing happened to me… Continue reading After the Fall

Friday’s Goals

I was given some lovely cut flowers a couple weeks back, and looking at them today, I am starting to think they have come to the next stage in their life cycle...that is, to become compost for other living things. The evidence is there; crispy petals, wilted leaves, and a slight swampy odor. It makes… Continue reading Friday’s Goals

Digging in

Today was hard, at first.  I had already decided to give my body a break from the workout and maybe just get in a walk later. Instead, I spent time studying some topics that have been on my mind a lot lately; shame and unhealthy guilt/morbid reflection. I cannot proceed further in my journey until… Continue reading Digging in