1 Step at a Time Mind Body Spirit

We are all under construction.


This was started as a personal journal, of sharing my recovery journey during a tough time in my life. Hard times come and go, but writing for me has become a constant comfort and tool God is using to grow me in new and interesting ways.

Right now, I am working toward gathering this little blog into a book, and taking it on the road, so to speak. It is the vision I’ve been given, and when I talk about it to anyone, I start to cry, which I am trusting is a good thing. But that takes resources, as you might imagine.

Please check out my GoFundMe page  https://www.gofundme.com  if you are interested in partnering with me to bring this into book form, and move the vision forward that God gave me for this blog, and really for my life.

For now, I am using the blog format to share my journey and insights with whomever might find it interesting, or helpful.

Mostly, I am looking to make to most of the time I have left here as none of us know the number of days we have on this orb, so we all best be getting on it.

So glad you are here. Welcome. ♡

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