Masking Lovliness

People tend to generalize where they live with respect to the weather. I live in a part of the country where it is known to be rainy and damp a lot of the time. San Francisco's weather is known for being foggy and changeable. Phoenix is pretty much just hot, and the south is humid.… Continue reading Masking Lovliness

By Your Spirit, with intention.

Round and about, we hear colloquial expressions that we don’t tend to think too much about, mostly because as humans we become inured to things that we hear often. (I apologize in advance if this entry is a bit more graphic that my usual) Consider where we get the phrase “drink the kool-aid” from. In… Continue reading By Your Spirit, with intention.

An unscheduled departure…

My next entry was going to jump right into step 3, but here I will pause. Sometimes in life, as in our recoveries, things don't go quite as planned. I have been called out-of-town on a family emergency (all is turning out okay, thanks!) and so my scheduled posts have been knocked a bit sideways.… Continue reading An unscheduled departure…

Sharing the Walk with a Talk

I used to wonder how people could tell others about their faith. I know for myself that I really don't like it when people of any faith or denomination show up at my door trying to give me literature and to convince me of whatever it is they have a belief in. I admire their… Continue reading Sharing the Walk with a Talk

Recovery and the Jellyfish

I have had a week. I'm sure many of you have had weeks where it seems like getting to the last work day of your week seemed like the greatest accomplishment of recent memory. This was one of those weeks. Thus, I have not written much, my sincerest apologies dear readers/fellow sojourners. I have actually… Continue reading Recovery and the Jellyfish

Write for Recovery, or How I learned to Love to Journal

When I was about 9 or 10, I got my first journal for Christmas. It had faint lines to guide my writing so that I could get going on the road to self-expression. My teacher, seeing some spark of restless creativity, had written a referral for a creative writing class earlier in the year. My… Continue reading Write for Recovery, or How I learned to Love to Journal

Attraction and Entanglement

Many of the recovery topics I have touched on have a broad application for many readers. This one is a little more focused, but try to stick with me. As a codependent, my addiction centered around an inability to sustain functional relationships. Most addicts in active addiction have much the same problem. When we enter… Continue reading Attraction and Entanglement

Catching the Act in the 4th

My family of origin was much like any other family. We had our good parts, crazy parts, parts no one discussed and all the rest. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out my environment, thinking if I could "get to the bottom of things", that I could make sense of it all… Continue reading Catching the Act in the 4th