Bursting the Bubble

It’s been awhile. Lots of changes. We changed locations, and got a new sofa. So yeah, I’ve had a lot going on. But I’ve continued to work with sponsees and besides being sick over the holidays, continued to serve at and attend recovery meetings. I have been feeling a bit disconnected lately though, with all… Continue reading Bursting the Bubble

Sugarless Tuesday

Today was the perfect definition of a fall day. Blowing crisp leaves, partly sunny skies, temps in the upper 50's. It was a day to enjoy the outdoors so that's just what we did. Today was also a "no sugar" day. So not exactly a fun day, as I really want to enjoy a treat,… Continue reading Sugarless Tuesday

Ordinary Thursday

The beauty of the yellow and red leaves in our neighborhood is striking. I imagine the trees do not take precious time to compare themselves to the fir tree, or to the shrub to wonder why they must shed their fine coats for the winter. They just do, and wait for spring to build their… Continue reading Ordinary Thursday

Willingness and warmth

It has been mostly cloudy with some rain. Hardly any blooms left for me to bring in and put on my table to enjoy.  The sun does not shine on them long enough for them to really open properly, so my flowers stay closed up in tight little balls, waiting for enough warmth to open,… Continue reading Willingness and warmth

Screen Art

When I was a child, I would run my finger across the screen door when it was wet and observe how the water transferred from one square to the next. I loved to "draw" on the screen, using only the water and the screen to cast my temporary artwork for momentary enjoyment, only to have… Continue reading Screen Art

Friday Acceptance

Rainy, windy and kinda chilly. But that's okay. Working on "weather acceptance". Chuckling to myself, as this marks a new chapter in my attempt to quit whining about how much I hate the weather when it turns rainy and cold. Today, I find myself struggling with acceptance of another kind. We have a saying in… Continue reading Friday Acceptance

Thursday chill

It was even colder today than it has been, and tonight the cold rain began in earnest. We're supposed to be getting a spell of wind, though it's a puff of air compared to the storms off the coast of Florida tonight. Much prayer and concern for those in the path of the hurricane. It… Continue reading Thursday chill

Watchful Wednesday

Watching the news reports of the storm in the Caribbean and praying for friends and family that are in the path of potential destruction tonight. Today I received additional information regarding a hot lead on my job search that gives me hope that I may have located something that would be a good fit for… Continue reading Watchful Wednesday

Sunday steps

Today was tough. I didn't hide, though. I didn't dodge or duck. I walked with intention forward into situations and conversations that I would have rather avoided like the plague. But that doesn't make them go away. And that's not recovery. Recovery is about walking my talk. It's about truly owning step 1, the fact… Continue reading Sunday steps

Saturday’s choice

It's been more fall-like today. The leaves are more umber, the air crisper and I feel a bit more melancholy. I have to try and move my way through these feelings of sadness and anger. The weather and my lack of a job is not helping. I keep wondering if this is just how things… Continue reading Saturday’s choice