Fresh Start

Attraction. Excitement. Fun. All the things we enjoy about meeting someone and being in a relationship with them, especially that special someone. We date, spend time together and then a commitment is made. Years pass and the shine wears off, or at least it did in my case. I have been married twice. And I… Continue reading Fresh Start

Island Time

Somedays, I wish I lived on a deserted island. One with power, water and plumbing, of course, and maybe a cook. Oh, and a nice spa down the road for those days I need a little pampering. Why all this wishing myself into a more solitary existence (except for my personal care retinue of course!)?… Continue reading Island Time

Digging deeper on the 4th

My life can tend to get a little hectic. Not because I am that busy, but because I am not the best at planning. I will end up with several hours of "open space” and try to pull in folks to do something, but everyone else seems to be more organized and planned-out that I… Continue reading Digging deeper on the 4th

Collapse and restoration

Wow. You know, I’ve been in a committed relationship for a long time, over 20 years. And before that, I was married for over 7 years. In fact, I have spent most of my adult life in a committed relationship. Mostly because it just happened that way; God allowed it to be arranged and I… Continue reading Collapse and restoration

Friends 4 ever…

I remember as a little kid wanting so bad to grow up so that I could be in charge. I wanted to be the one to say what was for dinner, or go out to dinner every night if that’s how I felt. I didn’t like the feeling of helplessness as a child, yet I… Continue reading Friends 4 ever…

Choosing Wisdom over Chaos

A while back, I sat through a talk that in part intrigued me, called me out and insulted me. The speaker basically said that those of us in recovery and that have been in crazy relationships have broken pickers. Simply put, something is broken about how we find those we choose to spend our time… Continue reading Choosing Wisdom over Chaos

Attraction and Entanglement

Many of the recovery topics I have touched on have a broad application for many readers. This one is a little more focused, but try to stick with me. As a codependent, my addiction centered around an inability to sustain functional relationships. Most addicts in active addiction have much the same problem. When we enter… Continue reading Attraction and Entanglement

A Fresh Word…

Today went by in a whirl. It seemed that no sooner had my feet hit the carpet under my bed, that I was off and running. One appointment or errand after another, and I still didn't accomplish all that I had hoped to when the day began. However, I did get to visit with my… Continue reading A Fresh Word…