Watching the news reports of the storm in the Caribbean and praying for friends and family that are in the path of potential destruction tonight.

Today I received additional information regarding a hot lead on my job search that gives me hope that I may have located something that would be a good fit for me. I just need a job at this point, with healthcare benefits and some kind of future to build on. I am encouraged by what I am seeing.

I was tempted today to give ground on my recovery, but instead I found gracious ways to stand my ground and be true to what God is doing in my life and heart right now. It’s hard, because I am still wanting to manage the entire dinner party, instead of tending to my own place setting as directed my the spirit of the Lord. He has been firm in His direction that I am to concentrate on getting my own ship righted, standing firm and tall. This is contrary to my natural inclination to people-please, over-compromise and just try to be the good girl. Nope. I must be true to that which the spirit continues to reveal to me. That’s recovery, that’s healthy.

My heart is battered and bruised, but in the care of the creator of my soul, which is a very good and pleasant place to be. May you all find rest for whatever is troubling you tonight, my friends.