Love and Pressing On

So getting real in our recoveries, and writing for real about recovery, means admitting I woke up this morning curled up with one hand behind my head and my other in a fist on my forehead. I also had one of our new songs earworming or ric-rolling (you choose) through my head, the words go… Continue reading Love and Pressing On

Amidst the storm…

This morning I would typically clean up, dress and head out early to a meeting. But this morning, my thoughts were preoccupied with family and things that I could do nothing about. So, I busied myself with singing prayers to God, dusting and organizing. Nervous energy activities that help me to disperse the helpless feeling… Continue reading Amidst the storm…

The bumpy road 🚧

In recovery, we will have bumpy road. It’s not a case of if the road is bumpy. It just will be bumpy. Kind of like those old-time westerns, where people are riding a wagon train, and you watch the wagon pitch and rock as the horses pull the wooden wheels over the hard-rutted ground. Some… Continue reading The bumpy road πŸš§

Catching the Act in the 4th

My family of origin was much like any other family. We had our good parts, crazy parts, parts no one discussed and all the rest. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out my environment, thinking if I could "get to the bottom of things", that I could make sense of it all… Continue reading Catching the Act in the 4th

Personal Prayer

Boy, the character flaws are coming fast and furious as I enter the fourth year of recovery. If they were bricks to the head, I would be getting a CAT scan for the resulting concussion. Attending group tonight, and as usual, really enjoyed the music (guest musician) and the teaching by one of our group… Continue reading Personal Prayer

Facing the Fears

Today the sky is full of wet, sloppy snow. It's coming down and covering the ground, somewhat, and has kind of blown my plans for flower bed work today. It is an unwelcome reminder that winter is not quite finished here yet. Fear can make our recovery into a bit of a sloppy mess too.… Continue reading Facing the Fears

Sociable anxiety

It's a day, have decided to detox a little from the bit of "see-food" eating I have been engaging in lately, due to my new-found employment status. Yes, I have a new job, full-time and we are provided for at this time. Unfortunately, my brain says YEEHAW, lets grab every sweet carb we can find...because… Continue reading Sociable anxiety

Let it shine…

The last few days' weather has been dazzling to say the least. I am so blessed by the sunshine. I told the spouse I think we stole someone else's weather, because usually about now it is 40's and raining...and raining...gray skies....and more rain. So I am particularly grateful for this spate of lovely weather, even… Continue reading Let it shine…