Recovery and the chicken

The last several days have been hectic, and I have felt like I haven’t had the time and space to sit a spell and write out what has been passing through on my recovery journey. I am pretty convicted about it too. But I must also remember this is a grace-filled walk and that grace… Continue reading Recovery and the chicken

Where I end…and You begin.

In recovery circles, we talk often about telling our stories, to heal, to encourage and to process what has happened in our life. The story can be fraught with danger, peril and violence. Or, it can be like a soap opera, all that’s missing is the dramatic soundtrack to give the over-blown emotions the added… Continue reading Where I end…and You begin.

No Secret Here…

Everybody, or, nearly everybody loves a good surprise. But to pull off a surprise like a party, or a gift or something special, one must plan and spend time being a little covert, like 007, and for a lot of us, that is pretty fun. But for others of us, it can get a little… Continue reading No Secret Here…

Choice Opportunities

Cool but dry today, and I have a lovely unplanned day ahead of me. Oh, not that I can't quickly fill it with all sorts of tasks, but I am right now relishing its emptiness. And my espresso shot with a dash of fat-free half and half. As I woke up this morning, I wondered… Continue reading Choice Opportunities

Fellowship and service

No rain to start the day, but I looked out on to the garden and saw the piles of mulch, and knew it would be some time before I would enjoy the lovely colors of spring and summer again. It soon grew darker and began to rain, and I pulled the blinds. Right now, I… Continue reading Fellowship and service