The bumpy road 🚧

In recovery, we will have bumpy road. It’s not a case of if the road is bumpy. It just will be bumpy. Kind of like those old-time westerns, where people are riding a wagon train, and you watch the wagon pitch and rock as the horses pull the wooden wheels over the hard-rutted ground. Some… Continue reading The bumpy road 🚧

Plan for Pain

In talking about my character flaws, I will refer back to my fourth step as the place that I began to identify certain patterns of behavior that were more or less destructive, even though I didn’t go to jail or rehab for these actions. The funny thing (and not HA-HA funny, but hmmm, funny) about… Continue reading Plan for Pain

Step 3, or How we use our Tools against the Ego Zombie

Drum roll please…ta-da! And, here we are, at step 3. In the big book, step 3 states “Made a conscious decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.” I have enormous respect for Bill W. and the founders of modern recovery. But here is where… Continue reading Step 3, or How we use our Tools against the Ego Zombie

Independent powerlessness

I was a pretty independent kid growing up. It just happens that way when you are raised in an addict household. I learned to fend for myself in the material realm, but emotionally it was a different story. I was probably one of the more insecure and fearful persons you would have ever met. When… Continue reading Independent powerlessness

Attraction and Entanglement

Many of the recovery topics I have touched on have a broad application for many readers. This one is a little more focused, but try to stick with me. As a codependent, my addiction centered around an inability to sustain functional relationships. Most addicts in active addiction have much the same problem. When we enter… Continue reading Attraction and Entanglement

Cracking Denial

It's getting closer to spring, but still the weather forecast is calling for snow. Interesting, but I don't buy it. The little green sprigs amongst the dried twigs in my oregano bush don't either. Went to a splendid meeting tonight, and the teaching was on denial. Denial can be a tough nut to crack. It… Continue reading Cracking Denial