Committed Willingness

My health has been an issue for some time. I have struggled with debilitating headaches that have partially collapsed my world. I did seek treatment, and it was working well, until I developed a negative reaction to a portion of the treatment. Now, with it’s general efficacy diminished, I am back to struggling to manage… Continue reading Committed Willingness

Loving ourselves so we can love others.

I really dislike buzz words. I try and avoid them, but my blog is probably full of them, simply because recovery itself has become a buzz word. Google buzzword, and you will get “a word or phrase, often an item of jargon, that is fashionable at a particular time or in a particular context”. A… Continue reading Loving ourselves so we can love others.

Digging out the root

A beautiful morning, and I am purposefully shutting off the boob tube and getting out my laptop to get some thoughts out that started to germinate as I washed up this morning. For myself, recovery serves the purpose of helping me avoid bitterness. Why is dealing with bitterness so important? You may know of friends… Continue reading Digging out the root

Tucking In…

Ah, the day after Christmas. It's chilly, but not raining, so grateful for that. Sorry for the extended break in this blog, but I have literally not had a moment's peace in several days to collect my thoughts, and I didn't want to just send out recycled meh, and call it a happy holi-daze rerun.… Continue reading Tucking In…

Caring for myself…

Tonight we may have our first frost of the season. I could feel it in the air as I got out of the car to come inside. The air was sharp and crisp. The moon, on the wane, hung low and yellow in the dark sky. Yup, I think it will be a frosty night… Continue reading Caring for myself…

Sugarless Tuesday

Today was the perfect definition of a fall day. Blowing crisp leaves, partly sunny skies, temps in the upper 50's. It was a day to enjoy the outdoors so that's just what we did. Today was also a "no sugar" day. So not exactly a fun day, as I really want to enjoy a treat,… Continue reading Sugarless Tuesday

Friday’s Goals

I was given some lovely cut flowers a couple weeks back, and looking at them today, I am starting to think they have come to the next stage in their life cycle...that is, to become compost for other living things. The evidence is there; crispy petals, wilted leaves, and a slight swampy odor. It makes… Continue reading Friday’s Goals

Willingness and warmth

It has been mostly cloudy with some rain. Hardly any blooms left for me to bring in and put on my table to enjoy.  The sun does not shine on them long enough for them to really open properly, so my flowers stay closed up in tight little balls, waiting for enough warmth to open,… Continue reading Willingness and warmth