It is partly cloudy and a bit cool, fall is asserting itself a little more insistently and the leaves are beginning to go AWOL off the trees en masse. I don’t feel ready for the seasons to turn again. But here we are, and pumpkin spice has wafted it’s way into my house. Still no desire to drink a pumpkin spice latte, however.

(Just a quick apology on the inconsistencies of late, I have been experiencing some technical difficulties and my laptop just updated, so hopefully we are now on the upswing!)

Left the house for an appointment, with teeth brushed, face washed and clean clothes.  No makeup and so I kinda feel like I just rolled out of bed. Of course I run into someone I know, and haven’t seen in several years. Sigh.  When I leave the house looking all put together, I see no one. Does anyone else relate to this? Ugh. Phone messages not making it to my phone, a call that was a bummer, and still no job leads. I am SO ready to go on another road trip.

There is still much to deal with emotionally and mentally in my world. I feel like I need every brain cell and tool in recovery that I have to move through the day. But I am moving through the day. I am not hiding out, I am not under my bed and my underwear is still underneath my clothing. So, all in all, things are good. I really have to be intentional about my gratefulness right now. Because on the outside of it, life is just…well, really challenging. But it could be worse. And I still have opportunities to make things better if I focus on what I can change versus what I cannot. Which feels like 99%. But this too shall pass. Like a freight train full of cow manure, but it will pass.

I’m going out for a walk in the sunshine, because that’s what makes me happy. Do one thing today that makes you happy, and share it with someone.

Have a lovely evening.