The bumpy road 🚧

In recovery, we will have bumpy road. It’s not a case of if the road is bumpy. It just will be bumpy. Kind of like those old-time westerns, where people are riding a wagon train, and you watch the wagon pitch and rock as the horses pull the wooden wheels over the hard-rutted ground. Some… Continue reading The bumpy road 🚧

Step 3, or How we use our Tools against the Ego Zombie

Drum roll please…ta-da! And, here we are, at step 3. In the big book, step 3 states “Made a conscious decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.” I have enormous respect for Bill W. and the founders of modern recovery. But here is where… Continue reading Step 3, or How we use our Tools against the Ego Zombie

Attraction and Entanglement

Many of the recovery topics I have touched on have a broad application for many readers. This one is a little more focused, but try to stick with me. As a codependent, my addiction centered around an inability to sustain functional relationships. Most addicts in active addiction have much the same problem. When we enter… Continue reading Attraction and Entanglement

Perennial basket case

They say that nothing spoils your Friday like finding out it's Wednesday. I like the sentiment, and for me, to take it a step further, nothing spoils your sun-filled April day like finding out it's still January. As I pulled my espresso shots out of the little coffee maker this morning, I started thinking about… Continue reading Perennial basket case

Sociable anxiety

It's a day, have decided to detox a little from the bit of "see-food" eating I have been engaging in lately, due to my new-found employment status. Yes, I have a new job, full-time and we are provided for at this time. Unfortunately, my brain says YEEHAW, lets grab every sweet carb we can find...because… Continue reading Sociable anxiety

Beauty takes time…

And some times, it takes a good long time. Today was sunny and the sun came through my windows this afternoon as I cooked and lit up my kitchen, which cheers me up immensely, along with listening to a little vintage swing guitar music. Stew on the menu, with homemade biscuits. In one of my… Continue reading Beauty takes time…

Tuesday calm

Ahhhh......a bit of a respite from the day to day. I am enjoying a little bit of space and time and the weather has cleared a bit. Love the fact it isn't raining and we were able to go on a walk. A refrain has been rolling through my head for a couple days..."...the wind… Continue reading Tuesday calm

Love is the easy part…

Today the rain held off a bit, and I was able to run about getting some things accomplished. From our earliest beginnings, we are taught to love and trust our families, friends, those who care for us and others that are important in our lives. We are also instructed to respect our elders. Sometimes this… Continue reading Love is the easy part…

Monday’s choice…

It was a rainy and cold day. The rain was a bit sporadic. And I bounded out of bed with purpose, after having spent the night trying to figure out why I was so discontented. Usually, when we are discontented with something in our lives, it speaks to something that is wrong or discordant inside… Continue reading Monday’s choice…

Screen Art

When I was a child, I would run my finger across the screen door when it was wet and observe how the water transferred from one square to the next. I loved to "draw" on the screen, using only the water and the screen to cast my temporary artwork for momentary enjoyment, only to have… Continue reading Screen Art