No rain to start the day, but I looked out on to the garden and saw the piles of mulch, and knew it would be some time before I would enjoy the lovely colors of spring and summer again. It soon grew darker and began to rain, and I pulled the blinds.

Right now, I am having to be intentional about finding color and life in my world right now. The job search is going poorly; every job I seem to apply to sends me back a reply email stating they have hired someone else that more closely matches the skills and experience they were looking for (I can almost quote the verbiage word for word).

So I look for other things to get excited and grateful for. Like a volunteer opportunity today with a ministry that serves others that need services. It was good to spend a little time being busy doing something other than what I would normally do. Then, back my house to pull together two gluten free pecan pies for a friend that really liked the last one I made for her. It was fun to chat and catch up as we put the ingredients together. We speak the same recovery language and I love to just unload my brain to her; whatever is rattling around in there just pops out. And she does the same. We both listen, giving feedback if it seems appropriate, and at other times, just being an ear.

We talked about relationships in recovery and how we need to stay in fellowship with one another, even when it’s tough. Because walking out your recovery, whatever it’s from, can be hard-going. And I know that I am vulnerable to failure and to falling like anyone else is. If everyone left me at the first sign of weakness, just abandoned at the side of the road, then what good is any fellowship at all? We are there to lend a hand and encouragement. The blessing of fellowship also means that I understand I am no better or worse than anyone else out there.

Now of course there will be those times when people decide to leave the ranch entirely. They make the decision to operate outside of recovery and return to destructive habits. This is where strong boundaries may be indicated. This is to protect our recovery, not to punish or somehow browbeat the person into compliance or to return to the fold. It’s their choice as to how to walk out their life, for whatever reason. It is my choice to honor that person, irrespective of their current choices and whether or not I agree with their choices.

God says in Romans 12:18 “If possible, so far as it depends on you, live in peace with all people.”

As we head into the holidays, may we focus on the blessing of fellowship and peace.

Thanks for sticking with me…so excited to have you here. This little blog now has over 50 followers.

Much Love 💕💞