The Road of Authenticity

Listening to a pod cast this week, and a phrase stuck out to me. Integrity is not perfection, it is authenticity. The speaker went on to say that many times we use the excuse that nobody’s perfect as a cop-out. It becomes a way to shrug-off a conviction to progress toward God’s plan of clean… Continue reading The Road of Authenticity

The Vision and Journey

I want to share my vision with you, my reading family and fellowship group. Back several years ago, as my family was coming apart, I would attend church and bible studies weekly, and come home feeling worse than when I left. Jesus had been a part of my life since I was 8 years old.… Continue reading The Vision and Journey

Catching the Act in the 4th

My family of origin was much like any other family. We had our good parts, crazy parts, parts no one discussed and all the rest. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out my environment, thinking if I could "get to the bottom of things", that I could make sense of it all… Continue reading Catching the Act in the 4th

Joy and strength…

Today was supposed to be a no-sugar day. Invited out to friends for supper and, poof, there in front of me were chocolate chunks of cake for dessert. Well, as you might imagine, my resolve went out the window and the cake went into my mouth. There is always tomorrow though. I was sharing with… Continue reading Joy and strength…

A little help…

Sunny and beautiful. Still considering my entire schedule today, and how productive I feel today. I am giving the gym a break after my grueling workout bones feel kinda joggly. I continue to look for work, and continue to receive emails telling me that they are not interested in pursuing me for the position.… Continue reading A little help…

Precious Humility

Got in some errands in the lovely, dry weather today, and placed my flamingo back out in the front yard, to guard the premises. I only needed a sweater and enjoyed my time out and about. As the radio played in the car, I searched about through the channels and found some holiday music. The… Continue reading Precious Humility

Tuesday calm

Ahhhh......a bit of a respite from the day to day. I am enjoying a little bit of space and time and the weather has cleared a bit. Love the fact it isn't raining and we were able to go on a walk. A refrain has been rolling through my head for a couple days..."...the wind… Continue reading Tuesday calm

Willingness and warmth

It has been mostly cloudy with some rain. Hardly any blooms left for me to bring in and put on my table to enjoy.  The sun does not shine on them long enough for them to really open properly, so my flowers stay closed up in tight little balls, waiting for enough warmth to open,… Continue reading Willingness and warmth