X = Growth.

It's a Tuesday. Pi day. And I know I need to scrounge around in my brain and find a way to write something coherent, but I feel kind of spent. The new job I took several weeks ago has been a big area of growth in this season, to see if I could manage the… Continue reading X = Growth.

Beauty takes time…

And some times, it takes a good long time. Today was sunny and the sun came through my windows this afternoon as I cooked and lit up my kitchen, which cheers me up immensely, along with listening to a little vintage swing guitar music. Stew on the menu, with homemade biscuits. In one of my… Continue reading Beauty takes time…

Web of grace…

Today was an odd weather day...cold, a tiny patch of blue sky, rainy...it seemed as though the weather had multiple personality disorder, in other words, it was a typical PNW day. So, not sure if any of you recall or even ever saw an old television show called "Hee Haw". But basically it was a… Continue reading Web of grace…

Fellowship and service

No rain to start the day, but I looked out on to the garden and saw the piles of mulch, and knew it would be some time before I would enjoy the lovely colors of spring and summer again. It soon grew darker and began to rain, and I pulled the blinds. Right now, I… Continue reading Fellowship and service

Sugarless Tuesday

Today was the perfect definition of a fall day. Blowing crisp leaves, partly sunny skies, temps in the upper 50's. It was a day to enjoy the outdoors so that's just what we did. Today was also a "no sugar" day. So not exactly a fun day, as I really want to enjoy a treat,… Continue reading Sugarless Tuesday

Screen Art

When I was a child, I would run my finger across the screen door when it was wet and observe how the water transferred from one square to the next. I loved to "draw" on the screen, using only the water and the screen to cast my temporary artwork for momentary enjoyment, only to have… Continue reading Screen Art

Watchful Wednesday

Watching the news reports of the storm in the Caribbean and praying for friends and family that are in the path of potential destruction tonight. Today I received additional information regarding a hot lead on my job search that gives me hope that I may have located something that would be a good fit for… Continue reading Watchful Wednesday

51st post

So, we have now passed the 50th post on this blog. I should be thrilled. But this honestly has been a pooper of a day. I have been applying non-stop at jobs that I am (mostly) qualified for, some I am over-qualified for and I have gone out on a total of 2 interviews in… Continue reading 51st post