Not so Strange…๐Ÿ˜‰

A no-work/no day-job-day for me, and my eyes sprang open at 5 am. The mind began to spin and it was over. No amount of โ€œgo back to sleepโ€ visualizations were helping either. A lot of times, I can just start thinking of a sunny beach somewhere, and poof, back to sleep. Not this morning.… Continue reading Not so Strange…๐Ÿ˜‰

Planting to Harvest ๐ŸŒพ

A beautiful weekend. And not just because it stopped raining for more than an hour. But because we celebrated that fact that we have a lovely, profound gift of love that is at the very core of our recovery. ย During the winter months, we celebrate the birth of Jesus, and in the Spring, we celebrate… Continue reading Planting to Harvest ๐ŸŒพ

Quiet honor, love and respect

This week started out pretty tame. Mellow even. Then late Monday it became unhinged with respect to my schedule and it has picked up steam from there. Now, I love to be involved in life and keep busy, but when I don't hardly have time to catch a breath or know what day it is,… Continue reading Quiet honor, love and respect

Past Forward >๐Ÿš™>

In reading the Big Book of AA, page 86, it states that "we must be careful not to drift into worry, remorse or morbid reflection, for that would diminish our usefulness to others." I have long struggled with this concept in recovery. The thought popped into my head the other day while standing in the… Continue reading Past Forward >๐Ÿš™>

A little help…

Sunny and beautiful. Still considering my entire schedule today, and how productive I feel today. I am giving the gym a break after my grueling workout bones feel kinda joggly. I continue to look for work, and continue to receive emails telling me that they are not interested in pursuing me for the position.… Continue reading A little help…

Waiting in Faith

I actually got up and got going to the gym, and spent almost 20 minutes using the equipment, which is a big accomplishment for me. I then came home and spent another 45 minutes doing hard labor on the pavement in front of our garage, attempting to tidy up so it didn't look quite so… Continue reading Waiting in Faith

Wednesday on the way…

In coming close in to the natural world earlier today, I found myself drawn up into a trail that was only partially visible in and amongst the fallen leaves. But the quiet and lovely solitude beckoned and I couldn't resist the opportunity to become a part of the scene. It was a challenge to complete… Continue reading Wednesday on the way…

Tuesday calm

Ahhhh......a bit of a respite from the day to day. I am enjoying a little bit of space and time and the weather has cleared a bit. Love the fact it isn't raining and we were able to go on a walk. A refrain has been rolling through my head for a couple days..."...the wind… Continue reading Tuesday calm

Sunday gratitude โ˜บ

Getting up this morning, I am encouraged that we might see a break in the rainy pattern of late, and that the day may be bright and sunny. I would love to see a few more flowers on my plants before the cold comes and I must mulch them under for protection from the winter… Continue reading Sunday gratitude โ˜บ

Ordinary Thursday

The beauty of the yellow and red leaves in our neighborhood is striking. I imagine the trees do not take precious time to compare themselves to the fir tree, or to the shrub to wonder why they must shed their fine coats for the winter. They just do, and wait for spring to build their… Continue reading Ordinary Thursday