Lemonade and gratefulness🍋

Today was pretty good, for all the right reasons. Got to enjoy some good family time, and good food. Also spent some time with a dear friend and recovery sister, who knows me well, and how to both support and call me out on my stuff. When life is giving you lemons, by the truck… Continue reading Lemonade and gratefulness🍋

Friends 4 ever…

I remember as a little kid wanting so bad to grow up so that I could be in charge. I wanted to be the one to say what was for dinner, or go out to dinner every night if that’s how I felt. I didn’t like the feeling of helplessness as a child, yet I… Continue reading Friends 4 ever…

Perennial basket case

They say that nothing spoils your Friday like finding out it's Wednesday. I like the sentiment, and for me, to take it a step further, nothing spoils your sun-filled April day like finding out it's still January. As I pulled my espresso shots out of the little coffee maker this morning, I started thinking about… Continue reading Perennial basket case


First day of a new year. Lovely, if not a bit chilly, but no rain so all's good on this front. Active day wandering about and meeting up with family for a little mid-day diner action. Making spaghetti with veghetti noodles for company tonight, so that's fun. I have a good friend who is in… Continue reading Indifference

Mulling the mulch

Today is so beautiful, sunny, lovely and warm I am taken aback. I am missing a good friend; at least we were good friends. I read an excellent article a while back that talked about relationships and how they are similar to plants, of all things. Some relationships are perennials and some relationships are annuals.… Continue reading Mulling the mulch