Write for Recovery, or How I learned to Love to Journal

When I was about 9 or 10, I got my first journal for Christmas. It had faint lines to guide my writing so that I could get going on the road to self-expression. My teacher, seeing some spark of restless creativity, had written a referral for a creative writing class earlier in the year. My… Continue reading Write for Recovery, or How I learned to Love to Journal

Evening time…

A quiet evening. Soft music, and a warm spot where I can nestle in with my laptop. This little blog has become like my friend. It is a place I bring my joys, sorrows, griefs and breakthrough moments. Sometimes this happens all at once. It is always waiting here for me to show back up… Continue reading Evening time…

Sugarless Tuesday

Today was the perfect definition of a fall day. Blowing crisp leaves, partly sunny skies, temps in the upper 50's. It was a day to enjoy the outdoors so that's just what we did. Today was also a "no sugar" day. So not exactly a fun day, as I really want to enjoy a treat,… Continue reading Sugarless Tuesday

Guest Post ~ Rebellion and Unconditional Love

Guest Post ~ authored by Cari Wagy   I’ve been reading a devotional that chronicles the journey of a dog Stella and her master Allison as they go through obedience training. Stella needs help because she suffers from a condition called “submissive urination”. In other words she would piddle after being chastised in an attempt to… Continue reading Guest Post ~ Rebellion and Unconditional Love

Intentional Thursday

Fall continues to push into the landscape and with it the leaves are a bright yellow and red, the air is getting a little more nippy and there is a little less daylight to enjoy. I decided that I needed a change, so I made an impromptu visit to the hair salon for an updated… Continue reading Intentional Thursday