Painful truths

Definitely a busy summer. Whew! And, some more thoughts on the family discussion of late. We do a lot of work in recovery that centers around why we do what we do when we are trying to address the deeper issues of healing. And we uncover some painful truths about ourselves and our families. When … Continue reading Painful truths


Yes.  It’s been awhile.  No, nothing’s wrong.  I guess the summer has just been a bit crazy and I have been letting my schedule run me around, and with my focus on dealing with my food and emotional issues, it has kind of taken it out of me. Some interesting news, however, I am singing … Continue reading Hellooo….

Checking in…

As a blogger, you are supposed to blog often. Yup, I get it. But I don’t want to fill up people’s emails and news feeds with meh-oriented mundane stuff about my daily grind, that has little to do with true recovery. Lately, the daily grind (beyond the coffee in my counter-top espresso machine) has been … Continue reading Checking in…

The Struggle

I have been engaging my recovery at ground level lately, which hasn’t left a whole lot of time for reflection and blogging. It’s just been where things are at lately, and I know that as I push through the slog, more things will appear and be ready for digestible dissemination. There have been several frustrating … Continue reading The Struggle