Bursting the Bubble

It’s been awhile. Lots of changes. We changed locations, and got a new sofa. So yeah, I’ve had a lot going on. But I’ve continued to work with sponsees and besides being sick over the holidays, continued to serve at and attend recovery meetings. I have been feeling a bit disconnected lately though, with all… Continue reading Bursting the Bubble

Own it

So, the other night, I came home from a meeting and felt a little drained. No, to be completely honest, a bit more than drained. I felt downright frustrated. Some of the conversations I had with folks had left me feeling a bit weighed down. The struggle that brought me to the party of recovery… Continue reading Own it

Planting to Harvest 🌾

A beautiful weekend. And not just because it stopped raining for more than an hour. But because we celebrated that fact that we have a lovely, profound gift of love that is at the very core of our recovery.  During the winter months, we celebrate the birth of Jesus, and in the Spring, we celebrate… Continue reading Planting to Harvest 🌾

Give it Time

I decided that my little blog deserved some pre-spring cleaning. Some spiffing up and new pillow covers on the chaise, if you will.  I worked on some new visuals to make it easier for folks to navigate and read the entries as they have time. Because goodness knows, if there is anything we do not… Continue reading Give it Time

Precious Humility

Got in some errands in the lovely, dry weather today, and placed my flamingo back out in the front yard, to guard the premises. I only needed a sweater and enjoyed my time out and about. As the radio played in the car, I searched about through the channels and found some holiday music. The… Continue reading Precious Humility

Thursday chill

It was even colder today than it has been, and tonight the cold rain began in earnest. We're supposed to be getting a spell of wind, though it's a puff of air compared to the storms off the coast of Florida tonight. Much prayer and concern for those in the path of the hurricane. It… Continue reading Thursday chill