Construction Zone – Grief

Doing the hard work lately. Y’know, the dig-deeper stuff that causes a bit of commotion and disruption. The kind of work where you are looking at some of your past experiences in light of your recovered self, and realizing how broken you really are, and feeling the grief right down to your molars. Yup. That’s… Continue reading Construction Zone – Grief

Healing Amidst the Noise💝

Republished from Nov 14, 2014 Scrolling through my newsfeed on FaceBook before bed, something which I should likely refrain from doing if a good night’s sleep is on my to-do list,  I came across an article from a well-known and (generally) respected news outlet that covered several points regarding abortion. This subject can tend to… Continue reading Healing Amidst the Noise💝

Milestones and Grace

It's been an interesting year. That is, we are coming up on the anniversary of my mother-in-law's passing. Thankfully, we have our recovery groups and another group that we attend specifically for grief and loss of a loved one. My mother in law was a very smart, and determined person. She had a quiet, but… Continue reading Milestones and Grace

Grief in Process

Sunny, hazy, the rain had let up a bit, and the sunshine spilled through the window bright and strong. Love it. Really. It was a cheery sight. Got to attend a different kind of meeting the other night, with folks who are grieving losses of one kind or another, mostly people close to them. Some… Continue reading Grief in Process

Remembrance and gratitude…

Cloudy morning, but a little sunny too. Rain on the way is what's called for on the telly, but I won't be getting in a twist about it, not after the glorious week or two we've had of late. Besides, as the old proverb goes, all sun makes a desert. But sitting here, enjoying some… Continue reading Remembrance and gratitude…

Life and Buerli

Another chilly, beautiful day...I cannot complain. Any thing but gray and rainy and I'll take it. Missing my little blooms, but enjoying the wintry season nonetheless. I was going to make today's blog about a classic movie that I really like, and have liked since highschool, and why it is significant. But, on the drive… Continue reading Life and Buerli

Digging deeper on Saturday…

Well, the weather has been somewhat unremarkable. But that is not the reason I am a bit tardy on my latest entry. When it gets really dark, cold and rainy, I will have a tendancy toward curling up in a little ball and just...hibernating. I really don't feel productive, communicative or any other verb. So,… Continue reading Digging deeper on Saturday…

Move Along

Colder. Snow in the mountains. Forty degrees and raining here. It won't be long until I am wearing my wool undershirts to keep warm. Yesterday was tough. Yes, it's becoming a theme. But I am still here, still breathing and still fighting to push past my feelings. When you feel an oppressive agony to your… Continue reading Move Along