Love is…

As I travel through relationships with others, I must keep in mind that recovery is a gift that keeps on giving, to restore my heart so that I might be of service to God in my interactions with those I love and have yet to love. Without working the principles of recovery, I become childish… Continue reading Love is…


Anger and what to do with it.

Anger. It can separate us from our better judgement, from each other and from God. In my early life, I was not allowed to express anger about much of anything. So I didn’t understand how to express myself and my frustrations in a healthy way.  When my anger did come boiling out, it was ugly. … Continue reading Anger and what to do with it.

Construction Zone – Grief

Doing the hard work lately. Y’know, the dig-deeper stuff that causes a bit of commotion and disruption. The kind of work where you are looking at some of your past experiences in light of your recovered self, and realizing how broken you really are, and feeling the grief right down to your molars. Yup. That’s… Continue reading Construction Zone – Grief

Straight up Step Work ~ Amends

When we complete our 4th-5th step, it is the gateway to our AMENDS/Forgiveness step. I feel like this is somehow harder that the 4th step, as it requires me to lay down any claim I have to obtain some kind of apology, repayment or karmic balancing of the scales and release you from the debt… Continue reading Straight up Step Work ~ Amends