Painful truths

Definitely a busy summer. Whew! And, some more thoughts on the family discussion of late. We do a lot of work in recovery that centers around why we do what we do when we are trying to address the deeper issues of healing. And we uncover some painful truths about ourselves and our families. When… Continue reading Painful truths

Pressing On

Well, we all get to a point in our path, where, after climbing a long section, we lean or sit for a moment and catch our breath. That is what it seems like I’ve been doing lately. I have been trying walk out some particularly rough spots in my recovery, and in doing so, have… Continue reading Pressing On

The Social Contract of Recovery

I had a number of different topics rolling around in my head to write about. Our journey in recovery is like a new chapter is revealed every single day; it’s never the same old, same old, for certain! But something is standing out today, and that is our communal responsibility to others. When we take… Continue reading The Social Contract of Recovery

Quiet honor, love and respect

This week started out pretty tame. Mellow even. Then late Monday it became unhinged with respect to my schedule and it has picked up steam from there. Now, I love to be involved in life and keep busy, but when I don't hardly have time to catch a breath or know what day it is,… Continue reading Quiet honor, love and respect

Truth Talking

Beautiful sky this morning. They say, red in the morning, sailors take warning, red at night, sailors delight. I guess that means we're in for another stormy patch. Well, if it gets us closer to spring, so be it. Met up with some lovely friends yesterday...oh, so I was going to write "Saw some friends..."… Continue reading Truth Talking

Opinion obssession…

Cold, snowy, rainy and gucky in general. But I jumped into my gym clothes and headed out. Got tons of stuff done, feeling quite accomplished for the day, though there is still plenty to get going on for tomorrow. Codependency and recovery from it is a tricky situation. Unlike our chemically dependent brethren, we cannot… Continue reading Opinion obssession…