Trenching along…

The snow is beginning to slowly melt off of the ground. It is cold, drizzly and wet. No real out doors time today. But I did spend some time helping a friend with some chore work. And that was good, through I should use gloves more often as my hands are a dried out wreck.… Continue reading Trenching along…

Digging deeper on Saturday…

Well, the weather has been somewhat unremarkable. But that is not the reason I am a bit tardy on my latest entry. When it gets really dark, cold and rainy, I will have a tendancy toward curling up in a little ball and just...hibernating. I really don't feel productive, communicative or any other verb. So,… Continue reading Digging deeper on Saturday…

Early Gratitude

And, here we are. It's earrrrrly. I woke up and could not get back to sleep. The last few days have been a bit of a challenge as I have been off sugar, but caved ever so slightly last night and had a serving of vanilla ice cream. It is 2 grams of fat,  4… Continue reading Early Gratitude

Sunday steps

Today was tough. I didn't hide, though. I didn't dodge or duck. I walked with intention forward into situations and conversations that I would have rather avoided like the plague. But that doesn't make them go away. And that's not recovery. Recovery is about walking my talk. It's about truly owning step 1, the fact… Continue reading Sunday steps

Saturday’s choice

It's been more fall-like today. The leaves are more umber, the air crisper and I feel a bit more melancholy. I have to try and move my way through these feelings of sadness and anger. The weather and my lack of a job is not helping. I keep wondering if this is just how things… Continue reading Saturday’s choice

Tuesday’s Challenge

It is partly cloudy and a bit cool, fall is asserting itself a little more insistently and the leaves are beginning to go AWOL off the trees en masse. I don't feel ready for the seasons to turn again. But here we are, and pumpkin spice has wafted it's way into my house. Still no… Continue reading Tuesday’s Challenge

Stamp of approval

Some mornings I wake up and there is seriously not a thought in my head, other than coffee. Lots of coffee. Which is kind of funny these days as I have transitioned slowly over to mostly decaf due to caffeine causing some anxiousness during the day. But this morning, I woke up feeling like I… Continue reading Stamp of approval

51st post

So, we have now passed the 50th post on this blog. I should be thrilled. But this honestly has been a pooper of a day. I have been applying non-stop at jobs that I am (mostly) qualified for, some I am over-qualified for and I have gone out on a total of 2 interviews in… Continue reading 51st post