Leaf and Blanket

Looking back over the progress I’ve made in my recovery journey, it can sometimes seem like it was someone else’s life that I am looking back on. That is how profoundly different I am on the inside now. I used to be really afraid. Yes, I was afraid of what you might think of me,… Continue reading Leaf and Blanket


Off 😎

Hey y'all took a day to myself, no particular reason just needing to take a step away from the everyday grind. Ate a little breakfast and drank some coffee, jumped in the car, and had to remind myself several times not to task. Not to be busy and not to do errands. It would have… Continue reading Off 😎

Amidst the storm…

This morning I would typically clean up, dress and head out early to a meeting. But this morning, my thoughts were preoccupied with family and things that I could do nothing about. So, I busied myself with singing prayers to God, dusting and organizing. Nervous energy activities that help me to disperse the helpless feeling… Continue reading Amidst the storm…