I am posting a picture I just took that sums up the weather today perfectly. The sun is playing hide and go seek with the rest of us, darting in and out of the cloud cover. When it does pop out, it is lovely and warm, and I stick my face in it’s path as quickly as possible to drink in the happy vibes it sends out, most notably the lift my body so needs as the days get shorter and the weather grayer and darker.

This week is all about thankfulness, gratefulness, gratitude, whatever else you want to pull out of the thesaurus that says you recognize the blessings in your life. I am grateful today for the little bits of sun, and that it isn’t raining. And, that my husband respects my freshly-mopped floor.😍

Most all of us can look at where we are and know that it could be worse, but honestly, to leave it at that, is a backhanded way of trying to get people around you to buy in to your not-so-subtle pity-party.

True gratitude and thankfulness is stepping out in appreciation. It’s receiving the much or not so much that we have been given with great joy. It’s sharing that which we have with others, even if it’s only our company. It’s not focusing in on what we didn’t get, don’t like and wish we had. It’s been said that “gratitude turns little into much, and ingratitude turns much into nothing”. 

I have had Thanksgivings where I simply showed up at my grandmother’s house to all my favorite foods, ate my fill and watched my favorite programs on the console TV, sitting on her avocado colored living room carpet. A most contented day, with much to enjoy and love. And, I’ve survived others where I was cooking the entire feast, burning the turkey, with everyone fighting and couldn’t wait to collapse on the bed and cry my eyes out. But I had fabulous leftovers for days. So still, something to be grateful for.

This year, I am cooking some, having long since figured out how NOT to burn a turkey (!) and to delegate; letting others bring foods to a larger home of another family member. It will not be like the Thanksgivings of my childhood, but that’s okay.  It’s my grandchildren’s turn to enjoy their favorite foods, and sit on the carpet and play games. No TV for them, because their parents all watch football. I’m grateful to be a part of their story, in creating memories they can someday look back on.

And, I will give thanks, as my adult children pitch in for clean up, and settle in with my green tea, a slice of pumpkin pecan pie and enjoy the afternoon.

Have a great week!