Today was the perfect definition of a fall day. Blowing crisp leaves, partly sunny skies, temps in the upper 50’s. It was a day to enjoy the outdoors so that’s just what we did.

Today was also a “no sugar” day. So not exactly a fun day, as I really want to enjoy a treat, but when I commit to no sugar, I mean it. Now, I don’t make broad pronouncements about quitting sugar forever, or even for a month. But for today, I decided my insides needed a break from yesterday’s poor-me festival of indulgent eating.

Yes, yesterday was a tough day for me. I had an interview that went a lot like trying to start a campfire with wet, green wood. No matter how much charcoal lighter fluid you pour on the little pile and how many times you light it, it won’t stay lit and it just becomes a futile act on my part. I came away from the experience with the impression that there is just no place for me in the work force right now, and that maybe I need to start my own business. Not that I have the capital or can really see myself making enough money to do this, but I’m rapidly running out of options, short of boxing groceries at the store.

I believe God have a plan. I continue to work my recovery and talk to my recovery partners about how I feel about my situation. I also continue to write here on this blog. It is a great joy of mine to walk out my recovery through this medium. I am blessed and humbled with how God has used this little blog in people’s lives. So, I continue.

Well, I am off to go take a bit of a soak, as I am sore from treatment earlier today. But I am so glad you are still about and that we are walking this recovery road together.

Sleep well dear ones.  G’night.