Got some things done today, finished up the lesson I’m giving for tomorrow. Parts of the lesson contain personal information about my recovery and pre-recovery days. It can kinda smart a little to bring up some of it, knowing that I now know better than to behave the way I used to.

So thankful those days are in the rear-view mirror. But I had to travel through them to get to here, so I cannot spend too much time in morbid reflection and remorseful thinking. So instead, I concentrate on where my life is at presently. I have good friends that include me on their adventures, even when I say no because it will keep me up well past my bedtime. I do nice things for my husband, who is working so hard to figure out his job and stay employed.

I make the choice to pursue my recovery in talking with my accountability peeps at meetings to discuss what’s is and is not happening in my recovery journey. I reach out and sit with people who are walking a bumpy road, doing my best to encourage them because I was once on that bumpy road too. So life is good, and trying to keep my health in perspective, which is what this blog is all about.

Got in my exercise, ate well, then kinda blew it this evening, but did not go way overboard. No wheat, and I am very picky about my intake of sugar. Tomorrow is another day, and I close this one with a God Bless you all. G’night.