Stepping up

Still recuperating from Thursday,  but had a concert in the park to sing at with friends. It was a good time, and I love getting the opportunity to sing with fun folks songs that are meaningful and touch on a lot of recovery topics. Also, still fighting a headache that is keeping me from being… Continue reading Stepping up

Affirmation versus admonition

Well, I got my work out in, which was good. And I didn't run too amok in my eating, which is great! Especially considering the last few days, though this morning I started looking in the mirror and giving myself positive affirmations about my appearance instead of the admonitions that usually surface when I study… Continue reading Affirmation versus admonition

Early up

Oh brother, it was an early morning! Up cooking breakfast for grandchildren soon to be arriving. Managed to forget about my own breakfast until 10:30, so enjoyed a brunch of sorts, after completing my circuit training program on my phone. Yea! Attended a recovery meeting,  and shared my struggle to acknowledge that I am truly… Continue reading Early up

Commitment and punishment

So I have been writing this for two whole weeks. Yea!. This is the longest I've ever been able to sustain writing in a Blog, despite all sorts of promises and commitments. Did my exercise and ate leftover lasagne. Really, I can't let it go to waste, it turned out so well. The weather is… Continue reading Commitment and punishment

Owning it

So today was a mixed bag as many days are. I started out early and kept going until pretty late for me; well after my bedtime. Stayed pretty active,  even though I skipped the workout due to soreness.  Food ok, 85% compliant to program. Today I had the opportunity to discuss  with someone the issue… Continue reading Owning it