This was a very busy day. Now it didn’t start out that way mind you I was going to have a leisurely morning followed by a leisurely afternoon. However as I started in on the morning chores and my workout, today picked up pace.

I can feel that I have developed some core strength from my workouts and I got some great advice from a therapist on not causing any more damage to my neck or other body parts in some of the stretches I was doing. So all in all, a very constructive day.

Got in a little bit of reading time although it’s not as much as I would like, I’m using this time to grow deeper in my understanding of some of my character flaws. It’s hard for me to pursue these objectively because of course you want to get defensive, but defensiveness will not remedy my sitch. So I must be open-minded and willing to look plainly at my flaws and failings.

Glad for the willingness to continue.

G’night dear friends. Sleep well.