I was hoping I would be in a different space by now. With my eating, with my activity, though that has gotten a LOT better…

But my body is forcing me to go at its own peculiar pace. Some days I am up for the little cell phone work out and really go guns, other days I walk my socks off and still others everything from head to toe hurts; just moving around is a challenge.

My eating habits have improved, but I am still fighting. I want to be at peace with my food, not have a skirmish every time I think about eating. It’s getting old.

My discipline to continue writing this blog is probably the most constant thing in my world, besides my faith, that I have right now. I will be almost tucked into bed, but force myself up and out of bed to come and write a few lines. It’s important. I am sorely lacking in consistency and discipline and I need to be committed to something, so here it is.

Thank you for continuing to walk along with me friends. Hope tonight finds you safe, warm and dry (but not too warm!). G’night.