Today and yesterday have been a bit of a struggle as I have been fighting a bad headache.
About 10 years ago I started getting migraine headaches. I found out quite by accident when I went down to visit after my dad had passed away, that he too suffered from cluster-style migraines. Interestingly, my dad didn’t really believe in sickness. Not in a religious way or anything. He was of the opinion that any complaint where there wasn’t blood involved was psychosomatic or, all in your head. I wonder how much he suffered needlessly with no treatment of these cluster migraines which, by the way, are no fun at all. I’m giving serious consideration to several natural remedies as the medical establishment has not been able to provide anything that really knocks them out.
But, back to my dad. He trained vocationally for a career in restaurant and hotel management and was a perfectionist. Any restaurant that he managed you could tell…he ran it like clockwork and the food was superb. I can’t speak for whether or not the employees were having a nervous breakdown somewhere else, but as a customer you got 5 star treatment. He played soccer all his life and had started coaching at the college level and enjoyed it immensely. He had a keen eye for strategy and it was fun to watch a game with him.

He was also incredibly healthy all the way up until he was diagnosed with lung cancer at the age of 56. Cigarettes. Ugh.  I believe he found out a couple of months after I graduated from college at the age of 31. I was so proud to have him my graduation; it was really special. Then came the news. He took every treatment there was and refused to even acknowledge that there was no treatment left at the end. Finally cancer had the last word, and at the age of 59, he left this world. My heart still hurts from time to time to even think about it.
Even now, I can still see him lying on the couch after a very long day’s work, watching one of his favorite programs, talking to me during the commercials, because during one of his programs, the only time you talk to my dad was during the commercials. And then seeing my dad fall asleep on the couch. I miss you Dad. Try not to give God a hard time about the service in Heaven’s Cafe. ♡