One of the things we address in recovery is fear. It’s a biggie, because it can be a stumbling block the size of a large building that causes us to trip and fall on our faces. Fear also can slow our progress or even send us back into hiding behind our dysfunctions and addictions.

Right now, I am battling anxiety, which I have traced to a fear of confrontation. It cropped up in my work last week, after doing really well at releasing my tendency to hold on personally to things in my work world that I do not have control over. I am fighting the urge to dump and run; that is, look for a less stressful job that would not involve confrontation of any kind. I have done that before, and it speaks to a mindset of hiding away from my challenges instead of submitting my fears and attempting to walk through them and allow myself to see that I can deal appropriately with what makes me anxious and uncomfortable.

So, I am trying, with all that I know how, to use all my recovery tools to process through my struggle with anxiety and the very real urge to run and hide.

As promised, I am sharing as I go. Live-time folks. Today was a decent day. Not perfect, but I didn’t quit. Prayers appreciated. 🙂

Progress, not perfection.

Much love. And a big, big hug. 🤗💕