I used to wonder how people could tell others about their faith. I know for myself that I really don’t like it when people of any faith or denomination show up at my door trying to give me literature and to convince me of whatever it is they have a belief in. I admire their pluck, but I feel like it invades my space and does little to cause a spark of curiosity in their premise.

As such, I have always been extremely delicate in sharing, if I shared at all about what I believe, because I felt insecure about my behavior and my execution of my Christian walk. Without recovery, I was a walking hot mess. Pretty much the cautionary tale of how not to do the Christian life. So talking to others felt awkward and uncomfortable. I would’ve had to admit that I needed help and to begin step one to start righting the ship, and until I was ready, it wasn’t going to happen.

Now, being in recovery I have a confidence in what I have experienced as a result of these steps, and sharing is a natural outflow of the process. It really never feels forced or contrived. In fact, God keeps placing people in my life that need to hear the message of recovery, one at a time. It’s like God tees up the situation, the subject comes up and the opening is big enough to drive tractor-trailer through. I listen to His voice and then express what I have experienced, what God has shown me, and offer the information.

My obedience to this call is part of my recovery. It is the “price” of my continued sobriety, but it’s not a burden. In fact, I get so excited and emotional, sometimes I can scarcely keep from bursting into tears while expressing myself. I always strive to be respectful though, of the person, of what I am sharing, and the spirit’s leading. I don’t want to be the jerk that drives them further from the help they may so desperately be seeking.

I know that each person will respond in their own way depending on where they’re at in their journey. Embrace a program? Some will, some won’t and for some, it’s just not time, yet. But I get the idea that at some point, they may need to draw on information shared in our exchange.

One day, they’ll google a meeting. And I will be glad to see them.