I decided that my little blog deserved some pre-spring cleaning. Some spiffing up and new pillow covers on the chaise, if you will.  I worked on some new visuals to make it easier for folks to navigate and read the entries as they have time. Because goodness knows, if there is anything we do not have an abundance of, it’s time.

There’s an old-timer AA-cliche phrase (btw, I love them all!) that says time takes time. I really didn’t like the sound of that when I first entered in to recovery. First of all, I wanted my pain and suffering to be gone, tout suite! And secondly, I wanted the one, two, three and we’re done and cured and good, see ya later deal. Boy, did my patient sponsor have her work cut out for her! (see Time takes time…  )

And I still run into these same kind of folks in meetings or in conversation. They talk as if recovery from their addiction or dysfunction is like getting over strep throat. Take the antibiotics, and we’re all good, right? Well, no. Actually, I continue to grow and find new places for God to help me as I continue to work my recovery. If I had decided to quit when the pain went away, I would be missing out on the miracles of ongoing fellowship and seeing others come to healing and wholeness, like I did. Kind of like at the mini mart, where they have the little “need a penny, take a penny, have a penny, leave a penny” dish. If people just take from recovery, if they grab a penny and fly out the door, pretty soon there are no pennies left in the dish.

As we experience healing and growth, let’s take the time to challenge ourselves to push through the final steps of service, that is, make ourselves available as we are able, to extend a hand to someone who is just starting the journey. Someone was there for you, where would you and I be if there hadn’t been anyone there at our moment of need? Seek where you can be of service and engage it wholeheartedly. I know for myself, God speaks loudest into my recovery when I am meeting with a sponsee. Sometimes it’s downright embarrassing. But I need it. And I am really grateful for it.

Much love, I hope you like the “new digs”. 😁