No Skipping Steps 6 and 7.

So, back to the steps. We have dug into steps 1,2 and 3. I have spoken often of step 4, the inventory step or “stuff’s just got real” step. Step 5 is the completion of step 4, which is the reading of the step 4. So, that brings us to Steps 6 and 7. These… Continue reading No Skipping Steps 6 and 7.

Give it Time

I decided that my little blog deserved some pre-spring cleaning. Some spiffing up and new pillow covers on the chaise, if you will.  I worked on some new visuals to make it easier for folks to navigate and read the entries as they have time. Because goodness knows, if there is anything we do not… Continue reading Give it Time

Fellowship and service

No rain to start the day, but I looked out on to the garden and saw the piles of mulch, and knew it would be some time before I would enjoy the lovely colors of spring and summer again. It soon grew darker and began to rain, and I pulled the blinds. Right now, I… Continue reading Fellowship and service

Wednesday on the way…

In coming close in to the natural world earlier today, I found myself drawn up into a trail that was only partially visible in and amongst the fallen leaves. But the quiet and lovely solitude beckoned and I couldn't resist the opportunity to become a part of the scene. It was a challenge to complete… Continue reading Wednesday on the way…