And some times, it takes a good long time. Today was sunny and the sun came through my windows this afternoon as I cooked and lit up my kitchen, which cheers me up immensely, along with listening to a little vintage swing guitar music. Stew on the menu, with homemade biscuits.

In one of my prior entries, I wrote about finally laying down my desire to control and fret endlessly about my job situation. I left it to God, and when ever I felt myself trying to pull it back, I conciously, with my mouth declared that it belonged to Him, and I felt good about that.

A day later, yes, a DAY later, I get a call from someone while standing in line at the grocery store. About a job. It looked promising. And later that day I got another email, from someone else looking to interview me. And a third person contacted me the following day. I feel like God opened up the bale on a 5-inch fire hose straight in my face. It has turned out that the first call I got is the one that has worked out, this far, and I am to begin work, from my home office (another answer to prayer) shortly.

I know I had to be willing to take a leap of faith. To lay down the lance of codependency that I was lugging about to unhorse the right job, when I hadn’t even seen a horse in months. An obscure reference, but you get it. I was in the driver’s seat, and I let God tag along for the ride, paying at best lip service to the idea that He was in charge. But when I truly turned it over, that is when I got to experience true freedom. He wasn’t going to wrench the situation out of my grasping hands, while I whined for help. He wanted to see me really trust, in my heart and my actions. So I did. Because to be honest, at that point, I had little to lose, except my pride, which is better off gone anyway.

Quite frankly, I am amazed by how all this is turning out, and the timing of it all. But God knew all along how things would roll, and He was patient with me as I walked through learning and experiencing what I needed to during this time of pause and reflection. I am grateful for the lessons, even the ones that weren’t fun and really sucked. Because those are where I’ve learned, and continue to learn the most.

Well, on to my next adventure. I will still write and blog, certainly, but I am a little anxious (read: scared to death). However, God is already there and I’m depending on Him and a good meeting or two every week to keep me on the straight and narrow, and out from under the bed.

Much love my good friends, thanks for the prayers.