Saw that our trees have mostly lost their leaves, but some are hanging on like someone has them super-glued to the branch. Which means it is virtually meaningless to clean the driveway at this point, but I do it anyway, because it appeals to my sense of tidy-ness.

I have been spending a lot of time in prayer. Grateful for my blessings. Looking for peaceful faith that would keep my heart calm and focused. I enjoy the fact that my prayer time is more about being grateful and asking for God to create in me the building blocks of solid character…what He wants in me, and not just “gimmie stuff”.

Not that sometimes life isn’t just kind of like that. Sometimes I find myself in such a place where I am desperately looking to God to gimmie stuff. Right now, I am just grateful for his provision that, while not lavish, is sufficient for my needs. Along with prayer for others, I do spend some prayer time asking for the faith and hope to accept healing of my physical self, and my mental brokenness. And He is faithful.

Most of us, if we are truly honest, are blessed beyond measure. If you have a roof, a warm bed and food, you are doing better than many, many others in this hurting world. Time to get out that gratitude list and pray it up. When we recognize our blessings for what they are, we are on the road to building that character that God so desires in us. A heart that loves, listens and does the will of the Father, feet quick to go to where God is working and lips that encourage, lift up and know when to stay closed.

Praying for all of us this season, for these gifts, that never go out of style.πŸ›

Much love and hugs. πŸ’•πŸ’—