Cold and rainy, but snowy in the mountains, which is good for the folks that are into snow sports. I have been known to attempt to ski but, like making sausage and passing laws, it’s not something that’s pretty.

Here and there, I have been missing people out of my life that, for whatever reason are no longer in my circle, either due to passage of time, recovery issues or problems that cannot be surmounted at this time and they can no longer remain in my life. Sometimes, thinking about why the person is no longer in my life will start the process of remorseful thinking about the good times we had, and the fun and intimacy we are missing out on now due to the present estrangement.

Thing is, this gets me nowhere. All it serves is to cause sadness and and distract me from building new relationships in recovery and with those God would have in my life. I need to remind myself that there is a reason God is not allowing an opportunity for restoration. And that I have recovery tools, the ones that tell me that I need to feel my feelings; that is, move through them, not avoid, deny or wallow and stay stuck.  I am always in the process of growing and learning from relationships. Even ones that broke my heart. In some cases, I’m sure the feeling was mutual.

So tonight, I extend grace and forgiveness. To those who have hurt me, and to myself, for the hurt that I have caused others. I have already submitted it to God, but for some reason, need to occasionally revisit the process.

Have a lovely evening my friends. Much love and big hugs.