I was given some lovely cut flowers a couple weeks back, and looking at them today, I am starting to think they have come to the next stage in their life cycle…that is, to become compost for other living things. The evidence is there; crispy petals, wilted leaves, and a slight swampy odor. It makes me sad that I could not eek out a little bit more time for them to look splendid, but with only water, powdered plant food and little natural light, they were on borrowed time since arriving at the door 2 weeks ago.

As humans, we too have a limited shelf life. Not to sound morbid, but no one I know of will live in this mortal shell forever. Our flesh and bone are not meant to last more than about 120 years, per the latest scientific study. When we as humans first hit this planet, we were perfect. God set us down here and we had it made. But brokenness entered the world through one act, and our egg timer began.

Ever since then, we have tried everything to beat the clock. Creams, potions, rigorous physical regimens, all with varying degrees of success. However, none of these really stop the clock from ticking. Keeping a healthy body is a worthy endeavor. Eating right, getting proper sleep and exercise with the goal of feeling and doing my best is a personal goal. But I have no illusions that this will somehow stop or reverse the fact that God says I have an appointed time. Again, not to be a pooper, but life is about what we are doing now. For those things set before us to accomplish, where are we at with those goals?

Recovery challenges us to throw off habits and hurts that cloud and oppresses our ability to pursue the goals we have been given to accomplish. If I try to cling to and control my life or someone else’s, it is like trying to nail jello to a tree. But if I release, and submit my fears and my flaws, I can rest easy that the process will take hold, if I am willing to work my steps. I have now given God permission through my recovery  to break through my shame-filled, blame-throwing obstinace to show me the clear path to a meaningful life.

For me, this blog was a goal. But I talked myself out of it for many years. I told myself that I didn’t have the time or energy to stick to it. But somehow, I found time and energy for doing other things of no value whatsoever. Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t have down time. But when, like me, you use it to avoid doing things that will advance your goals, then it is time to take a hard look. This wasn’t easy, folks. But, here we are.

I challenge you to take a look around at things, see what it is that’s before you to accomplish. Take one step, large or small toward it today. Write it down and put a star next to it. You will truly feel a sense of accomplishment and meaning.

Like the blooms on my table, our lives are to be a wonderful feast for the senses. We were each created that way, with something different to offer. Just like the greens are different from the roses, which are different from the mums, they all have their purpose. As do we. 💚💛💗

Have a lovely day.