Do you ever just feel like you need to hit the reset button?  This evening has been one of those times.  I had a good day overall, but ended the day just feeling like I could have done better by myself. Not as in “alone”, but in the sense that I need to take better care of myself. I have been feeling pretty “what the heck” lately, because of the injury and not feeling like I can really exercise like I was, and the set back has been as much mental as physical.

I need to clear my head. Get back on track. Give two “you-know-what’s” about my general habitues. Because lately, I really haven’t cared a whole lot. Just being real and honest. There is no point in making up some nice story or excuse.

So, now that I’ve called it out, what next? Truthfully, I’m not certain. I have looked up some eating plans that promise better mental acuity and healing of injury, for free, versus the con-job of “give me $29.95 and all your dreams will come true”. I guess I will go back to detoxing myself off sugar, and slowly wean myself off caffeine, which I have already been doing for the last several months, just not making too much of a big deal about it. I am noticing that my body is much more sensitive to my intentional bad behavior with food than it was before. Stomach problems, anxiety attacks.

It’s my choice, and I need to get my head screwed on straight so I can experience a good quality of life for my silver and golden years. So it’s buckle up, buttercup-time.

So glad you all are here. Bear with this imperfect human, as I try yet again…success is measured in the number of times we get back up, not in the number of times we fall down.

Much love.