So yeah…I think summer is really over. Earlier today the sky opened up and the water came dumping out in a torrent. The floor in front of the sliding glass door was soaked, as was the carpet upstairs in front of the open bedroom window. With towels in hand, I sopped up the water while closing the windows, and watched as dark clouds traveled across the sky and thunder rumbled in the distance. Yikes.

Did get a few things done, despite the turbulent weather. Mostly I just feel tired and sleepy, even though I was 95% successful in avoiding sugar today. Not so much by choice, but by the fact that there were no local opportunities to nosh. Consequently, I really want some tonight, but it’s probably best I try and extinguish the sugar monkey for awhile to give myself a chance to heal.

Went to group, found it good to talk about my feelings of judgement during this past week, of struggling with giving and receiving judgement. Nothing good comes of it that’s for certain. But I struggle with it just the same.

I need to find gentle ways to exercise this broken body…every time I try to get too energetic, I sure as heck feel it.

So glad you are still about, and we are journeying along together. Take care and sweet dreams, my friends.


I’m STILL not drinking no stinking pumpkin spice latte. :p