Welcome September…

Well, sort of. I am really not a cool weather girl. I love summer. I love warm nights, hearing summertime songs, sitting by the fire roasting marshmallows, going to the beach, y’know, stuff you do without an umbrella, hooded jacket, muffler, scarf and mittens. My extremities have already begun their hibernation phase, which means while my core stays relatively constant in temperature, my feet and hands are usually a bit chilled. Break out the heating pad. No, I’m not kidding.

Moving on to my day, found out that my daughter has a cold, or something and I have likely been exposed to it. Lovely. So that’s the tickle I’ve been feeling at the back of my throat. And, I need to take care of some appointments tomorrow, before the weekend gets rolling. I am actually thankful we are not hitting the road like the rest of humanity for the holiday. I honestly don’t think I could take sitting in a car in traffic for hours.

So more or less I have been told that in order to get better from my recent injury, I need to avoid sugar and excess carbs. Yeah. Okay. But I feel whiny and poopy and they are my friend right now. I guess they are kinda like your so-called friend in grade school. You know, the one that you would tell that you liked a certain classmate and they pinky-swore they would never tell. Then, when they got the chance, they told everybody, exposing you to ridicule, so really, with friends like them, who needed enemies? They are like the sirens in the Odyssey, calling me, only to see me dashed upon the unhealthy rocks of their shores. Yeah, sugar and empty carbs are like that.

God has done good, no, I mean really great things in my life, and if I truly believe He can do more, which I do, then my willingness to trust MUST increase. That means letting Him have sugar’s number and kick her to the curb. She’s really just a frenemy anyway. So there is that.

Hope all is well with y’all, sweet dreams.



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